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Noted black artist known for his artwork, paintings, stained glass windows, etchings, posters, cards, quilts and ink drawings of jazz music


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Ramsess | Quilted Masks

“I do what I do as an artist to bring beauty to the world. These masks are my contribution to and acknowledgment of my place as a useful and productive member of our human society.”

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Art + Practice Features The Art of Ramsess

3401 W. 43rd Pl Leimert Park

Oct 12  2019 – Jan 25 2020

Mon-Sat 12-6 PM

This exhibition, which features Los Angeles-based artist Ramsess is presented by Art + Practice



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kisasi ramsess


Ramsess sells his wares at jazz and blues festivals across the West, carting canvases and mosaics, stained glass, acrylics.



5435 9th Ave.
Los Angeles, California
(831) 444-2523

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